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What is 3D Rendering?


3D rendering is the process of digitally creating or recreating a location, scene or object in breathtaking three-dimensionality. There is no end to the variety of 3D renders you can generate with the help of a digital solution provider. 3D renders have the flexibility and versatility to tackle nearly any visual challenge. They can capture exteriors or interiors. They can help you visualizing existing landscapes and structures, or help you envision entirely new ones.

Benefits of 3D Rendering:

Perfect Lighting Every Time

3D renders can give you complete control over outdoor and indoor lighting. With 3D rendering, you have control over the time of year, the time of day, the angle of the sun, the intensity of the sunlight, everything!

For interiors, 3D rendering gives you complete control over every aspect of indoor without having to hire an expensive lighting crew. You can soften or sharpen shadows. You can create any ambiance you wish. For a final touch, a talented team can finesse the most subtle hues to meet your precise vision.

Visualizing Future Projects and Changes

A project that is in the planning stage, or is otherwise unfinished, is another perfect opportunity for 3D rendering. Architects, builders, marketers, and other professionals often use 3D renders to explore a wide variety of options without having to invest in travel, props, furniture, photographers, and interior designers.

Branding and Marketing: Streamlined

One of the most striking advantages of 3D rendering is its unique capacity to maintain marketing and branding consistency over time.

With 3D rendering, you don’t need to hire a photographer, designer, decorator, and lighting specialist for an ongoing series of expensive onsite photographs. Rather, you just hire a 3D rendering provider to do it all in-house!

Stunning Accuracy and Precise Measurements

Many of the benefits of 3D renderings stem from the control over the resulting imagery that 3D rendering offers. This control is never more evident than in the case of architectural renderings. Unlike digital photographs, which cannot convey precise 3D distance information, 3D renders provide for precision measurements within the rendering itself.

Clear Communication

Crystal clear communication is another area where 3D rendering shines. Once your customer fully understands the project you’re planning, you are that much more likely to inspire feedback, buy-in, and maybe even a pat on the back.

Applications of 3D Rendering Services


Architects use 3D renderings to illustrate proposed projects in photorealistic details to key decision makers.

Real Estate Development

Real estate developers use 3D renderings during the design and construction phase as well as after the project is complete. They use these models in their advertisement materials to promote the sale of residential and commercial property.

Pre-Construction Marketing

Pre-construction marketing has changed the way marketing for real estate development projects is done. With new construction homes popping up all over the world, there was a need for better means to reach out to new home buyers.